“Web.af is not responsible for any misunderstanding of any part of this document, we recommend to you to contact our support team for more information.”


This document is just for the information purpose only
This document aims to organize the service and assure a smooth operating for our clients

  • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
  • You must agree to these terms and conditions before using our services.
  • We reserve the right to stop serving any client without revealing the reasons.
  • Web.af follow a policy of clarity and credibility throughout the services levels.
  • Any Attempt to circumvent around guidelines is an immediate nullification of the agreement.

Fair-usage policy

“The purpose of this policy is to establish acceptable and unacceptable use of their services and resources. The company reserves the right to suspend the accounts that abuses the service that affects its quality level.”

  • We monitor the usage of the processors and the memory, to make sure that you don’t exceed the limits.

Fair-usage policy apply to shared-hosting

  • The number of files should not exceed 100.000 file.
  • The number of the tables of the data base should not exceed 1000 table, also the size should not be more than 1Giga.
  • The limit for the subscribers of our plan (Starter) is 5 Gigabyte

Payment methods

  • Web.af accepts the US currency, and the Afghan Afghani.
  • Web.af sends you notification to remind you of the renewal date.
  • If you didn’t settle your bill, we allow a cure period before suspending the service.

Cancelation & refund policy

  • In the shared hosting plans, you can get a refund during the first 30 days.

Company liability policy

Web.af cannot held responsible for the hosted websites content, it is the full responsibility of the client
Web.af is not responsible for any damage caused by the outage of the service, we are doing our best to keep the service up and running.

  • Web.af is the only reference for the technical estimates and the technical is the only source of evaluation of the state of the service.
  • The client is a full responsible for his account and any other account for his teams.
  • The services are restricted to the external factors, we work to overcome the unintended issues.
  • In Private and Virtual servers plans, the client is full responsible for backing up his data in external sources.
  • If your hard desk damaged, or the data become inaccessible, unusable or corrupted in both Private and Virtual servers plans, Web.af will replace it with a same server plan, with the same technical specifications in a period not more than 5 work days.
  • Web.af Information Technology is not responsible for solving any code issues or programing problems.

Licenses and registrations

  • Web.af offers a licensed and legal license for its services, systems and solution.

Banned items

  • Web.af don’t host a pirated content, improper &offensive materials.
  • Web.af don’t allow spamming tools, hacking any other service using our resources, our promoting illegal activities.
  • Web.af reserves its right to refuse any content that contradicts its moral aspects.

Privacy policy

  • Web.af takes protecting your information and securing your connection with our websites very seriously.
  • Web.af don’t share your data or personal information to the public.
  • Web.af may use your info to improve the level of the service.
  • Web.af may use you website analytics data to improve the performance.
  • The back-up copy is the client property, Web.af only holds the copy for a certain period.